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Dear applicants!

With all my heart I am glad to welcome you to the website of the educational establishment "Smilovichi State Agrarian College"!

One of the most important and most serious decisions in life is the choice of a profession. There are many roads and opportunities open before you.

And it is very important to make the right decision by choosing exactly the profession that will allow you to become truly successful people!

We want your professional choice to become a conscious, independent decision, and your future profession to bring joy and emotional satisfaction. Our college provides a wide range of careers to help you succeed in life.

Smilovichi College is growing and developing. We strive for self-improvement, we follow modern technologies and teaching methods.

Highly qualified, talented teachers, excellent teachers who know their job, interested and creative people will help you get high-quality knowledge.

Our students are active and purposeful people who annually prove that the huge work that lies on our shoulders is not in vain.

We will be glad to see you among our students!

The director of the college                                                  V.Y Maslak



Dear applicants!

Admissions advice is available

in the main education department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee by phone:

8 017 517 01 22

Martinkevich Elena Viktorovna,

head of the department of preschool, general secondary, vocational

and secondary special education of the main department of education

Minsk Regional Executive Committee

College of your future

Dear applicants!!!

If you have not yet decided on the choice of your future profession, we can help you with this. To begin with, think about what field of activity is interesting for you, what you are fond of, and, finally, who you see yourself in the future.
We thought… And now, please read the information below. Maybe in it you will find something that will be of interest to you.


If you love animals
You are homeless and homeless,
We can teach you
How to properly feed them;
What should be the care
So that "live" brings income.
- Do you agree? If yes",
Then click there...
We can teach you
How do you treat animals
How to choose a medicine
So that the disease was a trifle.
If this is new to you,
Then click on the picture...
If you love honey
Don't be afraid of biting bees.
That arrow forward
To pass you - not otherwise ...
Well, if you are afraid of bees,
Come visit us
We will help protect you
From their bites and wounds ...        
The phrase is new so far -
"Management in the agro-industrial complex".
It will be interesting for you
If you come to us!
We will teach you how to manage
You just have to click...
If you are a lover of the truth,
Friend for honor and law,
We will help to find out "Right"
For life and home...
If you want to know the "Code"
You have to click there...
Are you an "economy" in life?
Do you always bring everything into the house?
Are you interested then
Will take a look there...
Are you a natural gardener?
And a supporter of dacha life?
Interested in care
For land with potatoes "savory"?
If you want to know
How to deal with a pest
How to fertilize the soil
If the pumpkin is not kept.
How to arrange the economy like that,
So that you have a decent income.
Where is the best place to build a greenhouse?
Harvest to be excellent ...
If it's interesting
Where to click you know ...

We invite everyone to receive detailed information on specialties and future professional activities to visit our educational institution.
Our address: 223216, Minsk region, Chervensky district, settlement. Smilovichi, st. M. Gorky, 12
 Departure from Minsk from the bus station "Avtozavodskaya" (metro station "Mogilevskaya")
For more information please call:
We hope you have found something close to your interests… Well, if not, then just “walk” on our site. Good luck!!!